Academy  for  babies,  parents  and  kids

  • In sharing this learning journey with your child you will strengthen the parent-child bond. Engaging in shared and meaningful activities helps you as a parent to gain a greater understanding of the importance of stimulating activity and its impact on your child’s achievements in later life.

  • KindyROO is a pioneering sensory motor programme designed to develop your child’s competence, confidence and self-esteem. Open to children from as young as six weeks through to the age of five years, our 45 minute classes - held weekly at your local KindyROO centre - are designed to help unlock your child’s learning potential in an enjoyable and educational environment.

    Here at KindyROO we passionately believe better living and better learning begin at birth.

    • KindyROO for better living: enhanced physical, social, emotional and learning skills
    • KindyROO for better learning: concentration, reading, writing and maths


We have a unique scientific focus, drawing on over 30 years of scientific research and development to ensure that KindyROO kids work towards and achieve a series of neurological milestones. Our activities are age-appropriate and meticulously planned, allowing your baby, toddler, or pre-school aged child to develop, practice and perfect skills essential for healthy physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

Developmental milestones

Under the guidance of fully qualified professionals, your child will flourish through structured and fun activities such as massage, exercise, dance, rhyme and music – all devised to encourage early neurological development and enable your child to lay the essential foundations for school-readiness.

Essential foundations